Meet Congressional Candidate Vipin Verma

My name is Vipin Verma and I have lived in Daytona Beach, Florida most of my life. I went to Port Orange Elementary School, Silver Sands Middle School and Spruce Creek High School in Port Orange, Florida. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of Florida. Upon graduation, I went to Florida State University College of Law and graduated with honors. I was recognized and selected as a speaker at the induction ceremony on behalf of all new lawyers for attaining highest bar exam score in 5th District Court of Appeal in Florida. I am licensed to practice law in Florida and Illinois. I have started my own Law Firm of Verma & Associates, P.A. in Daytona Beach, Florida.


During my college years, I decided I wanted to be in public life and serve as an elected official. I believe in my ability to make a difference in people’s lives and contribute to the betterment of society. I support recruiting exceptional teachers, funding advance placement, college prep programs, and after school programs for our kids. I encourage open communication between students, parents and school teachers, and investment in our country’s youth. I am a firm supporter for community development, tax incentives for businesses to relocate in our district and create jobs for hard working American people.


I will make real change in Washington by working with my future colleagues and reminding them the American values that have sustained us for 235 years – equality, opportunity, liberty, justice and our will to come together regardless of race, gender, creed, or religion. I believe that Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Tea Party and other honorable leaders have to work together for the betterment of our future generation.

I believe that as a Congressman, I can eliminate bureaucracy to promote job growth, help small business and working class succeed, and serve as a beacon of hope for Florida. I believe that the government must be open, and accountable to the American people. I am looking forward to working with my future constituents to support American dream while making tough decisions that are facing our nation. I am asking you to believe in our ability to climb out of this recession, reduce poverty, and create jobs to bring back prosperity by working in the November 2012 election.


I will work with our leaders to prevent state and local cuts in health, education and housing assistance to people in need, while putting necessary measure to ensure that the system is not abused. I will also fight hard to prevent increases in property taxes, tolls or fees. I believe that federal, state and local government should work closely with the private sector to increase research, technology, and innovation within our schools and universities, so that we can create new jobs and retain our competitive edge in science and technology.


I welcome you to get in touch with me and give me your thoughts on any policies or issues that are important to you and discuss hardships that you may be facing. I promise you that I will fight for you and your loved ones, and will do anything to tackle the problems that were ignored by our leaders in Washington D.C.