Jobs Plan


Helping to improve the economy is going to take a collective effort from government, private sector, and targeted policies to help bring our economy back.


First, we need to stop demonizing the people who already have jobs and STOP with the un-necessary CUTS to their salaries and benefits, including federal employees, teachers, firefighters, policeman, and other state employees. Due to the high unemployment rate, many families are only left with one source of income, and are barely surviving. Decreasing benefits, pay freezes, etc. will only cause these already distressed families into a more dire financial situations, and will spiral our economy into a Depression. We need provide more relief to working and middle class families by continuing payroll tax cuts for middle class, and pass more tax relief for middle and working class families.


Second, we need to invest heavily in infrastructure to help rebuild our country one road, bridge, or public works project at a time. Now is the best economic climate to invest in infrastructure due to low interest rates, which makes financing infrastructure projects the extremely cheap. In addition, please need jobs and our infrastructure is crumbling, it is WIN-WIN situation, which will pay dividends for the future generations. America needs to once again lead in infrastructure, and build the infrastructure for the 21st Century.


Third, reinvigorate our manufacturing sector by providing subsidies, tax incentives, and everything in our arsenal, including, public-private partnerships, and working with state and local governments to encourage manufacturing to return to America. This will take collaborate effort from federal, state, and local governments, which can provide land relatively cheap, waive usage fees, etc., and federal tax incentives, such as no taxes for first 3 years of operation, provided they invest certain amount of capital, and hire enough workers to impact the community.

Furthermore, this will provide an additional incentive to corporations and banks, which are holding billions of dollars in cash reserves to invest in our country, lend money to entrepreneurs, and small businesses to create jobs and jump start the economy.


Fourth, we need corporate tax reform and close the tax loopholes and special tax relief bought by the wealthiest corporations through the use of their lobbyists. Currently, we have too many loopholes in the tax code that are geared toward only the wealthiest corporations, and act as corporate welfare for these wealthiest corporations. We do not need to raise the corporate tax rate, but rather shift our focus to closing tax loopholes and corporate welfare for our richest corporations to provide tax relief to small businesses.


Additionally, we need to provide tax incentives to hire permanent American workers, rather than shipping our jobs overseas. An additional tax credit to hire and/or retrain our returning, brave veterans to assimilate into a civilian economy, with the most credit provided for hiring disabled veterans. Additionally, we need to setup programs to help our returning veterans to transition into civilian jobs. For the people out of work, setup retraining programs to transition and retrain people to be successful in the 21st century economy.


Finally, we need to stop the downward spiral of falling rates on housing. Currently, many homeowners are underwater in their homes through no fault of their own due to falling housing prices, and others are seeing their equity in their homes diminishing day by day. We need to stop this trend, and stabilize home prices to allow for a fast and robust overall economic recovery.


Under the current system, if the mortgage is under-water, and bank eventually forecloses on the home, the maximum price it can obtain on the house is the current market value of the house. Due to oversupply of homes, the house remains unsold for months, or is sold at fire sale prices during foreclosure. Either way, the bank will never receive more money than the current value of house. Furthermore, continual supply of foreclosed homes decreases the values of the surrounding homes, so eventually these homes will be underwater as well.  

By allowing homeowners to refinance their mortgages for longer term fixed rate loans to an affordable payment plan will stop the flood of foreclosed homes on the market, which drives down the price of all homeowners, and is an obstacle to our recovery. Furthermore, instead of selling homes at fire sale prices during the foreclosure sale, incentivize the banks to renegotiate with the home owner instead, which will be mutually beneficial to both sides.


Postal Service Infrastructure and its Workers


I am very concerned that very fabric of the US Postal Service is being destroyed by breaking down the critical infrastructure one piece at a time. Not only have the Daytona Beach workers forced, amongst others in the nation, to perform duties and functions under their pay grade, with many of them traveling up to 50 miles to Lake Mary center. Now, the Postal Service is talking about closing this Lake Mary plant as well.
Closing another fully paid for center in Lake Mary, and moving it to a leased facility in Orlando is beyond comprehension, especially after considerable money was spent to transfer all equipment and personnel from Daytona Beach to Lake Mary.


If this plant closing is to proceed, not only will be impossible to deliver overnight service to many of the locations, and decrease the overall efficiency of the mail, it will wreak havoc on the hard working postal employees and their families. They are human beings, and not just a number on a payroll, who can be moved around without any regard for their families. Many employees already travel up to 50 miles to the Lake Mary center, and a move to Orlando will only add to the strain on these hard-working families.


I vow to fight this injustice and will do everything in my power to stop the dismantling of the postal service, and prevent the layoff of 250,000 postal employees.


The real problem is 2006 legislation passed by Republicans that requires the Postal Service to pre-fund health care benefits for future retirees. Under that law, the Postal Service must acquire funds for 75 years of retirees’ benefits over a 10-year span, and reasonable citizens will agree that this is impossible given the Great Recession. In fact, the Postal Service is the only agency in federal, state, or private sector to be required to pre-fund referees benefits. Without this requirement, the postal service would be profitable over the past 5 years, even in this recession.


As your Congressman, I will repeal this legislation and save the Postal Service and its hard working employees.


Support Small Businesses


I will fight to provide tax relief for hard working families and small businesses. I will continue to support Florida’s history, honor and tradition of having no personal income tax, and one of the lowest sales taxes in the nation. I will work with Small Business Administration to provide loans for small business that invest and provide jobs in our communities. Furthermore, I will work with the insurance companies to lower the costs of providing health care to employees I will create, encourage, and provide incentive programs to promote entrepreneurship, American ingenuity, and spur job growth within our local communities.


Support for Unions


I am a strong supporter of labor unions and collective bargaining. I believe that as an “American” it is our fundamental right to organize for the betterment of workers. When the free market fails to deliver fair wages to workers, reasonable work conditions and benefits, workplace safety, and an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and harmony between employer’s demands and worker protections, the employees should have fundamental right to organize. As your Congressman, I will fight to ensure that our hard working families have a freedom to unionize to curtail workplace abuses, and fight for fair wages. I will protect the workers’ freedom to choose joining a union without harassment or intimidation from their employers.


Social Security and Senior Citizen's Rights.


I will fight to protect and strengthen Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Retirement benefits. While eliminating fraud and abuse from the system, I will fight to protect the benefits promised to you while paying into the system, and carry out reforms necessary to ensure that Social Security can meet its obligations and pay the benefits promised to our citizens during their lifetime. I will continue to provide cheaper prescription drugs for elderly and underprivileged. As your Congressman, I will pass legislation that will prevent nursing home abuse and protect our senior citizens because they are some of society's most valuable people, and they have sacrificed so much for our nation.


Women’s Rights


I am a strong supporter of a women’s independent right to choose and make decisions regarding her own body. I will fight to preserve Pro-Choice under Roe vs. Wade as a Congressman. While I personally believe an abortion should only be used as a last resort measure, the correct focus should be on education and prevention of unwanted pregnancies.


Let’s face the reality; our kids today are surrounded by sexual imagery in school, media, and entertainment, so a one-sided solution will not stop unwanted pregnancies. While, I agree that abstinence is the best policy for teens and young adults, the reality is that abstinence only programs are ineffective. The only way to combat unwanted pregnancies and diseases is through education, and by providing the young adults with necessary health information and access to contraception to prevent diseases and unintended pregnancies.


As your Congressman, I will fight to protect women’s right to equal pay, equal benefits, and prevent discrimination against women in the workplace. I will introduce legislation to combat domestic violence and increase penalties for violence against women. I will also promote research and preventive cure for diseases and illnesses that disproportionately affect women.




I will fight to preserve the integrity of our borders by passing legislation adding additional personnel, building new infra­structure and technologies to protect our borders and ports of entry. I believe that we need to work together to solve the complex problems facing our immigration system. I will work with the business and government leaders to remove incentives for illegal immigration.


I am against granting amnesty to illegal immigrants, but I do support a plan to allow undocumented workers to come out of the shadow economy, pay a fine, and obtain legal status so they can contribute to our society by paying taxes and their fair share for the services received by the government.


I am for the Dream Act, and would support a plan to allow the children of illegal immigrants to obtain legal status, with the requirement to serve in the military, peace corps, or attend college to contribute to American society.


As your Congressman, I will listen to your opinions and concerns, organize town halls and debate all sides and the proposed solutions, and work with all my constituents to create a majority consensus to this very complex issue.


I am in a support of a system that requires undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine, pay taxes, learn English, serve in our military to get a green card. I commended our homeland security for job well done in protecting our nation and I will work them to solve our current immigration problems. I will also work with other nation to decrease illegal im­migration.


Military & Defense


I am Pro-United States Military, and I will fight to ensure that the financial resources are available to fund the delivery of food, personal care and required items to U.S. Troops stationed across the world. I am truly thankful for all the sacrifices that our troops have made and I will continue to encourage organizations to provide support for veterans programs, give preference to the veterans, and provide them with access to jobs and job coaching. I will help develop and implement programs to successfully integrate the veterans back in the society and provide tragedy assistance resources for their family. I support Freedom Alliance and their program activities aimed at supporting and honoring our service members and their families including a Scholarship Fund which provides college scholarships to the sons and daughters of U.S. military personnel who have been killed or permanently disabled in an operational mission or training accident.


I strongly believe that we need to continue our fight against terrorism, but at the same time bring our troops back home from Iraq and Afghanistan. I will use aggressive and direct diplomacy and any other means necessary to prevent the Iranian regime from developing a nuclear program. I will continue to support the development of new military capabilities, increase first response readiness for Florida National Guard and protect U.S national security interests. I will pass legislation to promote a streamline process for shared intelligence and provide adequate resources to gather intelligence and take covert actions to protect our national security interests.


Veteran's Benefits


I am committed to providing patient care and federal benefits to veterans and their dependents. I always envisioned serving in the military in some fashion, and even thought about joining the JAG Corps out of law school. I am a strong supporter of the military and veterans rights. I believe our veterans deserve the highest praise and honor for sacrificing their lives for our country and protecting our freedoms.


I believe our soldiers and their families should be well provided for while our brave soldiers are fighting overseas. In addition, when they have honorably served their country, I believe superior and more wide ranging programs should be created to help them integrate back into society, with civilian jobs with good pay and benefits. I believe in providing our veterans with high priority in federal and state jobs, and providing tax incentives for businesses to train and hire our returning veterans.


For our disabled veterans, I want to fight to ensure that adequate VA funding is available to adequately treat our brave veterans, and provide special tax incentives for private businesses to hire disabled veterans. For these brave men and women who have sacrificed their limbs for our country, they should be specially cared for and honored with additional support and benefits to reintegrate back into civilian life.


For the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives, I want to provide their families with adequate benefits, and programs to help their spouse obtain jobs to adequately provide for their families.


I am a strong supporter of funding of education problems such as ‘My HealtheVet’ to provide our heroes with trusted health information, as well as funding other federal and VA benefits.  I will work with VA to meet our veterans’ needs by expanding the number of facilities, including a local VA Hospital to serve the veterans on the coastal areas, and increase the number of medical professionals trained to handle the specific needs of our veterans and men and women in uniform. 


I will work tirelessly to provide benefits for our military retirees and ensure that we have adequate funding to provide disability compensation, pension, education, home loans, life insurance, vocational rehabilitation, survivors’ benefits, medical benefits and burial benefits to our veterans.  I will pass legislation to build quality nursing homes for Veterans and our brave troops that fought for our freedoms.  


Finally, I will work with local agencies and private sector to reach out to homeless veterans in our community. I am strong supporters of grants, jobs programs, and working with our state, federal and local agency to assist veteran in their quest for affordable housing and education. 


Civil Rights


As your Congressman, I will fight to protect civil liberties and freedoms guaranteed to all citizens from the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Civil Rights Amendments. I will ensure the underprivileged are protected from discrimination. I will work with our leaders to enforce Fair Pay Act, Equal Pay for women and minorities.


I will fight for my constituents’ right for privacy and prevent their rights from being infringed without judicial oversight. I will uphold the rule of law while fighting for equality by ending racial profiling and sentence disparities for similar crimes. I will expand hate crime statues to prevent racially motivated crimes. I will fight to end deceptive voting practices and prevent voter intimidation.




I will work diligently to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse from government programs, and reduce the national debt.  I will work with the Treasury Department, Federal Reserve, and our business leaders to strengthen the dollar, create job opportunities, reduce trade deficit, and once again strive to attain the budget surplus. I will coordinate with IMF and World Bank to reduce the China’s currency manipulation and fight for fair trade agreement to protect American interests.


I will ensure fairness in the tax code and provide the correct incentives to individuals, small businesses and corporations to create American jobs and invest in the American economy. I will work to strength the middle class and help others attain the American dream of a stable job, housing, and strong and supportive communities to raise our children.




I will protect Florida Bright Futures scholarships and work with Congress to provide access to quality education for all Floridians. I will fight to protect the federal grants and students loans that provide all students with access to a higher education. I will ensure that the state tuition remains affordable to all working class families.


As your Congressman, I will provide incentive to recruit the next generation of highly qualified teachers for our students. I will fight to eliminate the abuses in pensions programs, while protecting the pension benefits for the hard working teachers. I will implement legislation that will foster open communication between parents, school teachers, students and administrative officials to serve the best interest for the students.


Family Values


I will promote traditional family values with strong support for the working families. I will fight to protect and create new tax cuts for working families. I will support affordable housing programs for low-income families, and protect maternity leave for mothers and vacation time for all employees to spend time with their families. I will pass legislation to provide single parent households with additional tax benefits and other programs to help with raising their child.


As your Congressman, I will encourage the parents to take an active role in their kids’ lives and education. I will pass legislation imposing stricter penalties for parents who avoid child support obligations and their responsibilities to their children. I will work with non-profit, state and federal agency to crack down on domestic violence and impose stricter penalties on repeat offenders.


Foreign Policy & Israel


As your Congressman, I will be devoted to working with the national and international leaders to promote American interests that are mutually beneficial to all nations. I will work with U.N., NATO, European Union, African Union, China, Russia and other organizations and countries to foster diplomatic relations, cultural exchange and mutually beneficial economic and trade policies. I believe in engaging with China in reforming their trade practices to lower the trade deficit.


I will work with international organizations and nations to pass stricter regulation of nuclear materials and support a global ban on the production of new nuclear weapons.


As your Congressman, I will support a Strong U.S.-Israel Partnership. I believe in Israel's right to self-defense and protect their borders, but at the same time I will work with leaders of both sides to foster relations and ease tensions between Israel and Palestine to reach a cooperative and peaceful co-existence.


I will pass legislative measures, which allow the executive branch and the military to take quick and decisive actions with adequate funding and resources to hunt down to any organizations or individuals that pose treat to American national security interests. I will impose strict penalties and sanctions against nations who harbors, supports or provide any aid to terrorist or terrorist affiliated organizations.


Health Care


I will work closely with all leaders to protect health care benefits for our children, elderly and the poor. I will implement focused and calculated legislation which will eliminate denial of coverage based on pre-existing conditions. I will work closely with our political and business leaders to increase free market competition with the insurance companies to reduce the overall cost of healthcare. I will pass legislation that will provide NIH grants to promote research at hospitals, universities and private sector to create next generation of drugs. In addition, I will strive to promote quality healthcare with access to affordable medication and treatments for all our citizens.


Tax Policy


I am a strong supporter of no Personal Income Taxes in Florida, and keeping our sales and property taxes at the lowest level possible, while maintaining a fully functional government. As your congressman, I will fight for tax cuts for middle class, working families and small businesses.


I believe it is responsible to allow the Bush era tax cuts to expire for the wealthy and re-establish the tax rates under the Clinton Admiration for a small period of time to pay for the economic recovery and deficit reduction. The tax rates under the Clinton administration created one of the most balanced economic policies in our nation’s history, during which both the middle class and the corporations enjoyed a great level of prosperity, and allowed our country to tackle our budget problems and create a budget surplus. I will also pass legislation to close special interest loopholes, and provide incentives to all businesses to create American jobs and invest in America’s future.


Space Program and Technology


As your Congressman, I will fight to bring funding for next generation of Space Shuttle programs that will create numerous high paying jobs in Florida. I will continue to support international cooperation and joint ventures in space and private investments in our space program. I believe that our nation cannot afford to stay behind in the space race that we have dominated for so long.


I will implement new legislation proving federal funding for basic research over ten years and will provide tax and economic incentives for private sector innovation in research and development for future generation of technologies. Through a correct balance of economic incentives for private sector development and government funding of research at universities, I will help bring the American technology and infrastructure to the 21st Century, and make U.S. the leader once again in infrastructure and technology.  


As your Congressman, I will personally work with government and business leaders to ensure that U.S. is generations ahead of all other nations in high speed internet, mobile technologies, renewable energy projects, and invest and implement a smarter power grid connected to all sources of energy to power our nation for the next 100 years. 


Law and Order


I am strong believer is diversion and alternative treatment programs for non-violent first time offenders. For repeat violent offenders, I support stricter punishment and for truly heinous crimes with no sense of remorse or dignity for human life, I support the death penalty after confirmation through DNA evidence and all appeals. I believe that Life Imprisonment is a better alternative for those individuals who through education, religion, counseling, and other prison programs have reformed themselves and shown true remorse for the crimes they have committed while seeking to become better human beings.


I am a strong believer in funding the Innocence Project and others similar programs who fight to for the innocent who have been wrongly convicted.


Right to Bear Arms


I am strong believer in the 2nd Amendment and the individual’s right to bear arms. All law abiding citizens should have the right to own a handgun for personal protection, with the proper background checks, permit and licensing. All hunters and sportsman shooters shall have the right to have access to guns to enjoy leisure activities.


I am a strong opponent of allowing access to semi-automatic, or automatic weapons that can only be used to kill as opposed to be used for protection. I am strongly opposed to armor-piercing bullets, which serve no useful purpose, but are used carry out attacks on our law enforcement personnel. I am for imposing stricter penalties for possession of guns by convicted criminals.


Stem Cell Research


I support federal funding of stem cell research under strict federal and ethical guidelines. Stem cell research has the potential to cure most medical conditions, such as cancer, degenerative diseases, birth defects and numerous debilitating diseases. Stem cell research and its use in medical procedures is a next logical step in human evolution and if used properly can have significant impact in reducing human suffering.


If a quadriplegic, paraplegic, or any other paralyzed person can walk again, a possible cures for ALS, Alzheimer, or other degenerative diseases can be found through the advances by stem cell research, I think it is inconceivable to prevent research and advances in medical science.


I understand and am respectful of the reservations that people have against stem cell research, but I believe that cellular research that can alleviate human suffering of living persons outweigh any reservations that we may have experimenting on a cell.


Gay Rights


I am against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell military policy. I believe the brave men and women who honorably serve our country should not be discriminated against based on their sexual orientation. It is disingenuous to force these brave men and women who risk their lives fighting for our freedoms to hide in the closet, and face a discharge if their sexual preference is disclosed.

I am a strong supporter of Gay Rights and believe the Equal Protection Clause of the US Constitution prevents the state and the federal government from preventing two adult individuals from the fundamental constitutional right to marry. I believe the states and the federal government should recognize full spousal benefits, and other benefits to a legal marriage. I believe gay marriage rights are inevitable, and the arguments against gay marriage are similar to the arguments made during the 1960’s by opponents of inter-racial marriage.


Environment & Energy

I strongly believe in investing in clean and renewable energy to create green jobs and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, we also need to build the next generation power grids, and invest in alternative energies such as solar and nuclear to meet our energy demands.


As your Congressman, I will pass legislations that will support reforestation, and research and development in increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of clean energy technology. I will work with our leaders to pass comprehensive reforms to offshore oil and gas regulations with Environmental protection agency (EPA) oversight.


I will promote sustainable economic growth while reducing our carbon footprint through continuation of endorsement of Copenhagen Accord,  increasing our fuel efficiency standards, and strict monitoring of emissions. I will also promote grants to U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP).


Locally, I will continue to promote preservation and restoration of Rose Bay, and testing of asbestos, mercury and lead in apartment complexes. Additionally, I will provide funding for Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve (GTM Research Reserve). I will also work tirelessly to find support for funding the restoration of DeBary Bayou through volunteer organizations and private funding. I will promote grants and federal funding to prevent beach erosions, and preserve trail projects, lakes and clean water. I will also fight to prevent layoffs in FEMA, while ensuring that they have adequate funding to responds to hurricanes and other disasters.


Budget/Federal Spending


I agree that our federal deficit is unsustainable and we need to make considerable changes to bring our nation back to prosperity. I believe that we can achieve this by going back to the tax rates under the Clinton administration for the wealthy, decreasing discretionary spending, tax reforms, such as closing loopholes in our tax codes, and cutting unwarranted subsidies.


I believe in responsibly reducing government spending through technological innovation, and cutting non-essential government programs through the implementation of cost effective programs. I will fight to preserve government accountability, promote responsible government spending, increasing efficiency in the government while cutting wasteful spending.


I will balance the budget and restore fiscal responsibility in government, and once again reach a budget surplus, while preventing cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Only focusing on cuts in the federal budget, without creating any jobs, or raising additional revenue will never solve our budget problem, and may very well turn this recession into the Great Depression. We need a shared sacrifice from all Americans to once again re-build our nation and show the world our great American ingenuity and fortitude to climb out of this recession.


I will negotiate treaties with other nations, which allows America to export more goods and services, and thereby creating more American jobs. We can achieve this by providing incentives to private businesses to use their cash reserves and invest and revitalize the American manufacturing sector, which will create new jobs, and raise additional revenues. I will pass legislation and invest in infrastructure by constructing and restoring our highways, roads, railroad, bridges and dams. This will not only rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, but will also add additional revenue as more American jobs are created.


I will oppose the TARP and unwarranted bailouts unless they are deemed necessary by reputable economists to preserve our financial institutions, and the U.S dollar. I believe government funding should be the absolute last resort to prevent a complete collapse of our economy. I vow to fight the Republicans and Tea Party, which routinely hold our nation’s future hostage and are not interested in solving the budget problems, but only fight ideological battles which only hurt our nation, as displayed during the debt ceiling negotiations, in which the Tea Party was directly responsible for downgrading of the U.S. Triple AAA credit rating.

Aviation Security


I am proud of our Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Department of Homeland security (DHS) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for their dedicated and hard work in protecting our airports and national interests. I will continue to promote and ensure adequate funding for these agencies, so that they can responsibly protect our national interest and aviation security. I will also promote additional programs within these agencies and pass legislations that will provide additional training for the employees. As your Congressman, I will ensure that we have adequate preparedness, intelligence, border security, and next-generation security technologies to non-invasively protect the citizen interest, while preserving their civil rights and liberties.


Foreign Aid


I believe that our nation needs to reform the foreign aid programs and increase government accountability for these programs. We cannot afford to continue unnecessary programs and aid, while we have high unemployment and budget deficit in the United States. I will ensure that the U.N, E.U and other nations share the plight of those in need. I will also support foreign aid to nations that need our help to fight extreme poverty and hunger, and to those nations that need our help in fighting terrorism. I will work closely with our intelligence agencies to support aid to nations that will benefit our national security. I will support foreign aid to countries that will be mutually beneficial and provide increased trade opportunities and prosperity for both nations.